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Read some amazing stories from our patients.
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"My name is Beth and I was disabled in a car accident in February 1999. I was stopped at a red light and was rear ended by a girl on her cell phone. I needed surgery to remove a torn disc. With a cadaver bone and bone from my hip, they fused my L-5, S-1 Facet joints.

I was left in constant pain with pain traveling down to my legs and feet. I tried everything for relief - pills, at least 4 different therapy locations, aqua therapy, massage therapy, hanging by my arms, hanging upside down, even a chiropractor with no relief. I tried walking to build my strength and being sedentary is not good. It only worsened my pain.

I had a new doctor and he recommended therapy again. He told me this was a different kind of therapy and I thought, how different could it be? I made the appointment anyway, thinking this was it - one last time of therapists torturing me with no relief.

Then I met Julie Marley at SOS Physical Therapy. She taught me how to easy my pain and inflammation myself without pills and how to exercise without inflaming my pain. I thought I would never exercise again, but Julie taught me how! No one ever did that before. She actually taught me in a plain language that I could understand. She coached me to be clear on what was causing the pain, how it traveled and what to do/what not to do. It changed my life and how I deal with pain.

This is information I can use the rest of my life. SOS and Julie Marley renewed my faith in real therapists. The best part is Julie is with me every visit and we work on my progress together. I felt she cared about my pain and is always thinking new things to continue to help me."

- Beth G.

"SOS was amazing. The one on one treatment and care was first class. After being discharged from one clinic and still being in pain, I wasn't looking forward to a new physical therapy clinic, but after my first appointment at SOS PT, I knew I was going to receive the treatment necessary to work through the pain. I can say now that I have little to no pain, 100% of the time. The exercises were easy to do and I was asked for my input at every step. I would recommend SOS PT to anyone. They made a difference for me! Thank you!"

- Sydney B.

"After my car accident, I had neck and back pain. My doctor originally prescribed the traditional Physical Therapy and after months of that, I hit a plateau and the pain was still there. My doctor recommended Julie Marley with SOS PT. Dr. Marley is wonderful and personable and her office staff is polite and curious and always greeted me with a smile.

I truly wish I had gone to SOS PT first. I saw results after my first appointment. She taught me the fundamental movements to strengthen my neck and back area and to recognize what movements cause my pain. I am so happy. Today I left with the satisfaction of knowing that I can get back to my normal activities."

- April T.

"You took the time to figure out what was causing the problem instead of blanketing with a bunch of heat, e-stim and exercises. Instead I was able to do one or two simple exercises and it really helped."

- William B.

"I had low back and sciatica pain after a mountain biking injury and after trying four different physical therapists, Julie was finally able to fix me! She has taught me techniques that I can carry throughout life and I also realized how important it is to do exactly what she instructed me to do between appointments to maintain my progress. I would highly recommend SOS Physical Therapy to anyone!"

- Chelsie R.

"I'm no stranger to SOS. Initially, I was referred by my doctor in 2012, and subsequently returned after an accident in February 2014. I learned quickly that SOS is a professional, educational, astute, experienced, and very pleasant practice that gave me the undivided attention that I needed to recover from lumbar issues in 2012. Although the subsequent lumbar issues/therapy associated with my accident proved to be progressively slow, I was grateful for the due diligence, steadfast disposition, and patience demonstrated on my behalf by Julie Marley. She no doubt exhausted her wealth of knowledge and experience toward my snail's pace recovery!"

- Linda J. J.

"Julie and Her Staff are the best I have been honestly so much better when I go to SOS. Thanks for all your help."

- Vincent N.

"I would highly recommend SOS Physical Therapy! My first WOW moment was my initial contact with the office when I spoke with Sarah to obtain information. I have never spoken to such a helpful office manager. Sarah was extremely pleasant and very patient while I asked a ton of questions. She offered to verify some insurance coverage for me and got back to me promptly. The great experience continued upon my evaluation session with Julie. She cares about getting to the root of the problem, not just about fixing the symptoms. I’ve done a lot of PT in my day, but the McKenzie Method she uses is a totally unique experience. I experienced some relief with my back pain in just 2 sessions, whereas I had not experienced any relief in 14 sessions with another local PT company. The office was also very accommodating in regards to my therapy appointment times. Kudos to the SOS Physical Therapy team!"

- Sherry F.

"The only place I would go or recommend. Everyone is phenomenal, they will take very good care of you!!!!"

- Margaret L.

"I am very pleased with everyone at Spine and Orthopedic Specialists. They are very competent and scheduling is flexible. Julie is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Thank you very much for all you do."

- Marla D.


* These experiences and results vary and are not guaranteed. *
"I am very pleased with everyone at Spine and Orthopedic Specialists. They are very competent and scheduling is flexible..."

- Marla Daddario

Our goal at SOS Physical Therapy is to:

  • Accurately understand the patient’s presentation and behavior of symptoms;
  • Determine the most appropriate and effective treatment plan
  • Eliminate symptoms and restore full function;
  • Empower the patient to self treat and prevent reoccurrence; and,
  • Help inform the patient if other medical advice or testing is needed.

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